Fastify with Apollo Server and GraphQL Upload

Working with new frameworks and relatively "obscure" ones always have the trouble of needing to figure out everything yourself.

Recently I had to implement uploads via GraphQL on ApolloServer 3 with Fastify 3. There was no documentation on how to do so that was specific to Fastify, only the typical express way of implementing the graphql-upload package. Thus began the journey on finding out how to do it.


Initially I was wrapping my head wrongly around how content parsers work in Fastify and I thought that I needed a plugin so I installed fastify-multipart to handle it. Turns out I was wrong about that and if you do install the multi-part plugin, you'll have to uninstall it.

You can only have 1 content parser per Content-Type, by registering the plugin you won't be able configure a content-type parser to process the request into the format that graphql-upload needs.


I found a solution on how to implement graphql-upload but it turns out someone already beat me to it and with a more elegant method. You can see the original on GitHub here.

One caveat about the solution below is that I don't need to handle multi-part requests via a REST API at the moment so it doesn't bother me, but I might get around to it one day and I will write about it again if I do.

Just add the following snippet of code to your fastify project and you should be good.

import { processRequest } from 'graphql-upload';

fastify.addContentTypeParser('multipart', (req, done) => {
  req.isMultipart = true;

fastify.addHook('preValidation', async function (request, reply) {
  if (!request.isMultipart) {

  request.body = await processRequest(request.raw, reply.raw, {
    maxFileSize: 10000000, // 10 MB
    maxFiles: 20

If you need to view a full example, you can find one in this pull request and it'll be available in the file upload section of apollo docs when it's merged.

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